Udenregion-"out of region"- reporting tool Udenregion-"Interregional Accounting"- is a database containing patients and referrals to hospital services that are produced outside the Southern Denmark Region and therefore must be explicitly paid for or cleared with other regions. The tool enables the hospitals and the regional administration to get a precise overview over the "out of region" patients treated. It contains the patient specific information as well as information about the duration of the hospital stay and the treatments received.

It has facilities for authorization of paid transportation from the patients’ homes to the treatment location.

Service letters are forwarded to the patients and stored in the database, using the MS-Word ™ interface.

Central Person Register lookup is a new feature recently installed which enables automatic filling-in of core patient data for lookup and contacts.

LDB Desktop was a particularly good choice for this database because of the sensitive nature of the information in the database.

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