Langtved Data A/S

    Langtved Data A/S provides specially adapted IT-solutions for the health sector. We deliver IT Systems that are fully compliant with the  Board of Health requirements and tailored to meet local needs. Customer satisfaction is central to our business, and we achieve this by being highly receptive to customer requirements and feed back.

    Langtved Data Facts.

    We produce and develop IT solutions for quality assurance and research. Among other things, we have implemented a large number of databases with national or local coverage. These Databases cover a wide variaty of subjects such as:

    • › cancer (leukemia, lung and cervical cancer)
    • › child and adolescent psychiatry
    • › allergies and ezcemas
    • › epilepsy
    • › hip surgery and rehabilitation therapy
    • › life quality research in relation to treatment
    • › mammography screening
    • › medication of chronical illnesses
    • › administration of hospital apartments
    • › out of region patient placements
    • › hearing screening of newborn children
    • › quality measurements of treatment of early born children
    • › genetic counselling
    • › funds administration

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