Genetics Solution

Developed for Departments and Clinics at hospitals that undertake Genetic Counselling.

Genetic Counselling, version 9.3 is made under the framework of LDB Desktop, which enables users and developers – without the need to do programming - to customize the system to fulfil a number of requirements and wishes, and to maintain security and performance automatically.

    Genetic Counselling, version 9.3 has the following functionalities:
  • › Separate data entry areas for the lab and counselling.
  • › Access control and customization for every possible use-case and user–roles, including technicians, laboratory managers, employees responsible for answers and counsellers.
  • › The data-model encompasses cytogenetics, any number of DNA analyses, FISH, Fragile X, Methylation and lot of administrative functions such as answering, copies of answers, external answers and family relations.
  • › At this point there are more than 12 data entry points and monitoring screens with more than 37 related reports. In addition more than 60 reports and more than 100 templates for standard letters.
  • › Built-in validation and lookup on more than 60 data objects, ranging from postal numbers to practitioner to DNA-analyses.
  • › Options to make your own build of ad-hoc and fixed reports, exports and screens.
  • › The counselling subsystem contains built-in storage of all written communication and journaling including transcripts of conversations and telephone calls.


Genetic Counselling, version 8.3 start-up window

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